If you’re still looking for a gift for that boujee Marvel fan in your life, you better perk your ears up for this one – Royal Selangor together with The Walt Disney Company Malaysia unveiled an inaugural collection of Marvel superheroes!

The Limited Edition Iron Man headlines the entire collection, and can we all just acknowledge how detailed his armour looks while he’s poised for attack?! It’s like Iron Man stepped out of the pages of Marvel’s comic books and dipped himself in pewter – and there’s only 3,000 of him worldwide.

Spider-Man also makes an appearance alongside Iron Man. The muscular curves of Spidey’s athletic build, and subtle wrinkles of his skin-tight and super textured costume are reproduced. Limited to 3,000 worldwide, this 9-inch figurine is a must-have for fans of Spider-Man.

Besides the Limited Edition figurines, you can also find mini figurines of your favourite Marvel superheroes such as Thor, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America. Not into figurines? These lapel pins featuring Captain America shield, Spider-Man and Iron-Man associated emblems are pretty cool too!

The Marvel collection is available at any Royal Selangor retail store, authorised dealers and online. For more on Royal Selangor, access here