In case you’ve been wondering if it’s possible to apply waterproof makeup while being fully submerged in a pool, this makeup tutorial may just be the thing for you.

@meplusfashion recently shared a video on Instagram that shows how to do your makeup from start to finish while submerged underwater. From the clip, we see the makeup artist apply blush, eyebrow filler, mascara and even liquid lipstick while she casually hangs out underwater in a swimming pool.

Okay, TBH, I’m kinda impressed but. I’ve got SO MANY QUESTIONS. Like, can you even reuse the products after exposing them underwater that way? How did her mascara even stay on? And, most importantly, HOW DID SHE KEEP HER EYES OPEN IN A CHLORINE-FILLED POOL FOR SO LONG?!?!?!

From the comments, it seems like I’m not the only one asking these questions. Some are worried about the life-span of her products, others seemed to overlook the practicality of the tutorial, with comments like: “So damn extra”.

Our advice? Don’t try this at home unless you’re ready to risk it all with your beauty products.