Let’s admit it – We’ve all been through the tedious hassle of getting the perfect selfie. It’s not just about how we look, but also the lighting, angles and editing. Well, fret no more as now you can take perfect selfies on the go sans tireless editing with Casio‘s new selfie camera that is designed to work as a portable personal studio.

Adorably shaped like a powder compact, taking selfies with the TR-M11 is just like checking yourself out in a mirror. The palm-sized camera creates a leeway for flawless selfies wherever and whenever with nine built-in LEDs, working its magic to transform the skin with a brighter and fresher finish, as well as sculpt or slim down the facial features.

Image by: YouTube

Like its predecessors, the TR mini inherits the innovative features of the Casio EXILIM TR Series with the refined Make-Up Mode that diminishes facial flaws and adds gloss to the pupils and lips in the selfies. Packed with a fun to use interface, the compact selfie camera even has a Mole Remover and a setting that enables users to adjust the tone of the entire image.

Customised for social media enthusiasts, the camera is set to take square portraits which would perfectly fit into your Instagram feed without the need for cropping. Users can also install the EXILIM Connect app onto their smartphones to transfer their selfies for immediate posting onto social media.

Starting Nov 22 to Jan 7 in 2018, you can use the promo code ‘casiotrm11’ at participating outlets and Casio’s online store in Lazada to get your hands on the TR-M11 for only RM1,999. Available in five striking colours: white, pink, vivid pink, green, and violet, the selfie camera is originally priced at RM2,199.

What can we say? We’re serious when it comes to selfies! For more details, look up Casio’s official website.