ICYMI, everyone loves Yuna. And this news might just make you love her more…

Recently, the 31-year-old singer shared a story on Instagram about a Malaysian family on vacation in Los Angeles. Instead of enjoying themselves, the family had to halt their plans in L.A. when a family member suddenly fainted and was rushed to the hospital. “I first knew about this when a fan DMed me about this Kedahan family from Alor Setar, Malaysia. They were on their 1st family vacation in the U.S. when Tasnim’s dad collapsed last week here in L.A, but Alhamdulillah the hospital was quick to treat him & saved his life.”


Yuna also called out to Uber to help the family travel to and fro their accommodation to the hospital to lessen the blow of their expenditure while in the States. “PS: @uber @uber_my lets help them as they’ve been taking the @uber back & forth the hospital.” Yuna also thanked LA based Malaysian students who offered their home to the family.

Of course, with Yuna’s kind-heart and benevolence comes appraisal from fans everywhere:

We’ve always loved Yuna for her humble yet strongly independent nature and this post is just proof that you can be humble and helpful towards the people around you. Even when you’re busy producing collabs. with the likes of Usher and flawlessly taking over the international music scene.