Count on the world wide web to find the latest beauty and fashion trends, and just in time for Christmas, the internet has discovered their new-found love for snow globes.. by sporting them on their nails.

You might have already seen this around social media for some time, but this manicure trend recently reached its peak thanks to a nail tutorial by Canadian YouTuber, Cristine Rotenberg. In just less than a week, her snow globe nail art tutorial has garnered over 2.6 million views!

So.. what exactly are snow globe nails? Rotenberg first used some liquid latex to build a mini hollow ball and affixed it to her nail. She then filled the snow globe with some glitter and baby oil. Move your fingers around and the effect it gives off is exactly that of an actual snow globe.

Here’s a pro tip for those of you who get bored of your nail art very quickly – Start off your manicure with a peel-off base coat so that it’ll be easier for you to remove it when you’re done with it.

With every step throughout the manicure, make sure that you bake and cure the various elements of the design using a gel curing lamp as it takes sufficient UV light to have it stay in perfect place.

If you’re planning to go the extra mile this Christmas, be sure to check out Christine’s viral YouTube tutorial or follow her on Instagram for more interesting nail art creations.