When Rihanna first announced her own makeup line, we all were left with sky-high expectations and needless to say, Fenty Beauty didn’t disappoint. Four months into the market and Fenty Beauty has already topped our list of favourite makeup brands with the perfect red Stunna lip paint and her newly released line of Matte Lipsticks –  Matte Moiselle.

There are no words to describe just how much we’re loving the megastar’s makeup line and this Prague-based tattoo artist in particular, expressed her love for Fenty Beauty through her art. 23-year-old Alena Wedderburn extended her artistic talent in painting portraits of Rihanna on herself, using Fenty Beauty products! How creative?!

Though it’s way too obvious that Alena is a RiRi superfan herself, the talented young lady credits Rihanna as the inspiration for her artwork, recalling her meetup with her idol backstage of the pop star’s 2013 world tour in Amsterdam, “It was an experience of a lifetime for me,” she exclaimed, adding, “she is so unbelievably humble and down to earth.”

An architecture and design student of a art school in Czech Republic, Alena explained that her Instagram-famous artworks started with a random thought, “I started drawing with makeup two years ago. I was pretty much playing around with makeup and started drawing on my leg, and it came out pretty good.”

Now a local tattoo artist based in Prague, Alena’s artistic talent isn’t just restricted to tattooing only; just watch her recreate her stunning Rihanna portraits using materials like pencil, acrylic paint, and watercolour!

Our favourite among Alena’s artworks would have to be her creation of Rihanna in full holiday spirit, and if the pop queen herself were to see it (which she might have, since she’s one of Alena’s 23k followers), she’ll agree. Complete with little reindeer antlers, Alena’s version of Christmas RiRi is topped off with the perfect festive red lip with her Stunna lip paint.


With Fenty Beauty’s latest Matte Moiselle Matte Lipsticks being dropped two days ago on boxing day, we can’t wait to get a glimpse of what Alena will be creating when she get her hands on those. Check out more of Alena’s amazing makeup portraits on Instagram and alternatively, access our review for the Stunna lip paint.

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