By now, we know that nail art can get crazy reaallll fast. Just take the internet viral snow globe nails that are fit for Christmas for instance! And well, there’s also this animated manicure that features flickering eyes with full on make up. Ermm..creepy much. Also, these nails apparently is quite a hassle to complete.

Featured on an Instagram account that covers nail art tutorials, nail technicians would have to start off by building a little fake eyeball, painting on a pupil and every little detail. Consider creating your own version of an eyeball, perhaps some spine-chilling vampire eyes?

Moving on to a more technical process of constructing the animated manicure, technicians are to drill a hole into the fake acrylic nail to fit in the eyeball.  Then, insert the eyeballs into the nail and you will have the finished result – a creepy animated eye manicure.

Here comes the fun part – Draw some on-fleek brows for your pair of nails and start applying full-on makeup onto the eyes. This pair in particular is a tribute to Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk palette, but feel free to unleash your artistic soul and paint on your favourite look for those nails. For some extra glam, consider attaching some falsies to your nails.

To create your own version of this eerily astonishing nail art, feel free to look up Nail Sunny on Instagram.