The Year of the Rooster is fast approaching, and Aloft Kuala Lumpur is ushering in the feel good season with an abundant array of offerings across Nook, WXYZ Bar and MaiBar from 16 January until 11 February 2017. As for those who prefer dining in private with a traditional round table setting, there are two specially curated set menus available.

Prepared by Aloft’s Chinese Cuisine Executive Sous Chef Ng Kok Wai, the set menus – Prosperous and Auspicious – are synonymous with Aloft’s exuberant brand philosophy, whereby classic dishes are given modern and creative twists to tantalise the tastebuds with fresh and fun flavours.


To kick things off on a high note, the distinctly different Golden Coraline Algae Yee Sang that’s beautifully crafted to form the shape of a rooster comes with, to our surprise, caramel popcorn in lieu of regular crackers, offering an enjoyable crunch and unique sweetness that balances out the tangy plum sauce.


Don’t let the unassuming look of the Braised Fish Maw with Dried Scallop and Snow Crab Roll Soup fool you as it is generously filled with ingredients, is extra comforting, and not to mention, very flavourful. It really hit the sweet spot for us and we were in for seconds.


The Home-made Almond Boneless Chicken looks simple, but a painstaking process goes into preparing the dish. It includes deboning and skinning the bird, mixing the minced chicken with fish paste and carefully fixating the skin back before topping it off with almond flakes. Let’s just say the final dish is really worth all that hard work; it’s delicious.


The Deep-fried Sea Bass with Calamansi and Pomelo is topped with egg floss, but what makes it really special is the one of a kind creamy sauce made with evaporated milk, calamansi, corn and pomelo. Piquant and aromatic, it really helped make the dish extra appetising.


Symbolising money bags, the Home-made Stuffed Inari Roulade are topped with fatt choy, and served alongside greens garnished with fish roe. Although the stuffed money bags are the highlight, we thought the complementary gravy filled with flakes of crab sticks really pulled the dish together.


The Wok-fried Tiger Prawn with Golden Shallot really gave us a kick in the palate as the large prawns are coated in a garlicky and spicy sauce that tasted great. The extra garlicky bits on the top also made the prawns really worth getting our hands dirty for.


To seal the deal on the savoury side of things, the Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice is steamed lavishly with roasted duck, bamboo shoots and smoked oyster, so every spoon of rice is packed to the brim with flavour and smokiness. Absolutely fragrant and delightful, the rice is also served with arrowhead chips on the side for an extra bite.


Finally for dessert, the sweet Chilled Rainbow Pearl Yuzu Broth consists of fruity pop-in-your-mouth pearls and black sesame glutinous rice balls, which is served with Pan-fried Chinese New Year Cake, otherwise known as nian gao. The freshly prepared sticky rice cake is layered with yam and deep fried in batter for an extra satisfying treat.

The 6-course Auspicious menu is priced at RM1688+, whereas the 9-course Prosperous menu is priced at RM1888+. Guests who opt for a minimum of 30 tables and above will be entitled to one complimentary table, RM8+ per hour for free flow of soft drinks, RM88+ rebate per room per night, and RM888+ for every second barrel of beer purchased during the event.

The Lunar New Year offerings at Aloft Kuala Lumpur are available from 16 January until 11 February 2017. Access the property’s official website or call +603-27231188 for reservations.

Carmen Chong
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