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As of 1st January 2017, Selangor took a step forward to save the mother nature by implementing a ban on plastic bags and polystyrene, which is a really good thing for us Malaysians!

The state is no stranger to this measure, as Pakatan has already made no plastic bag day every Saturday since 2015, where 20 cents will be charged upon each plastic bag purchased (if they forget to bring their own green bags). So it’s safe to say that the Selangor government has been training us for this day to finally happen, right?

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While most of us are supportive of this effort, unfortunately, some big shot individuals decided to take drastic measures to “prove” that people in Selangor are still not ready for the ban on plastic.

In a totally unprecedented move, locally trusted and government funded television channel, TV3, interviewed several citizens on their view of this rule and astonishingly, they found some people making a fuss about how the government were inconsiderate for making such a law.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think:

As you can see, the video is clearly staged and has been heavily edited, driving people mad when they view this TV3 produced clip. Also, the citizens that they “found” are probably paid actors who are more than happy to be on national TV.

If you watch carefully, it seems like the woman in hijab and the uncle was reading off something as they kept glancing down. The stressed citizen, Nazilah Idris, even posted on Facebook about her involvement in the video. See what we’re talking about?

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

Keyboard warriors took no time to flood the post, calling TV3 out on their obviously planned scheme. One user commented, “This is an attempt to turn the citizen against the current Selangor minister. First there’s no water now this? TV3 you bring shame to the journalism world.”

Another disappointed user commented, “When the Malaysian citizen fought against the implementation of GST, you were the first to support the movement. If you compare this plastic bag issue with GST, most would definitely disagree on GST instead. Sampah punya berita.”

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Come on, Selangor citizens aren’t that backwards.. Is this how they control the masses? By making us believe that there’s no hope for progression?


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