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Sometimes, it’s hard to justify relationships as black and white especially in the case of an almost relationship, as the lines are often left completely grey and glitched. Perhaps in everyone’s life, we all have that one person who was almost everything we could have ever dreamed of, but the key word here being #almost.

Thus, somewhere along the way, you stop dedicating your feelings and efforts to that person because you couldn’t handle living an almost lifestyle anymore, seeing that you’re worth of something a little more concrete. Here at Lipstiq, we’ve asked 15 people to explain on why some of their relationships never had the chance to see the light of day.

1. Language Barrier

“Cause her English was so broken that it burned my eyes, LOL” – Irfan Zainal

2. He’s A Major Turn Off

“It’s hard to date someone who’s not attractive or gentleman enough when he’s not funny and has a debatable IQ level. He’s not really what you call a kind-hearted person either, let alone having any feeling of generosity flow though him. To make it worse, our taste of music is completely different too, and I love music.” – Tiqa Zainal

Photo: Elite Daily
Photo: Elite Daily

3. He’s A Narcissistic Beast  

“Only God knows how happy I was when the guy I’ve been crushing on finally flirts with me. But dang it, girl, as I dated this guy, I realised that he was too full of himself, praising his own selfies every chance he gets. Sometimes crushes are only good as eye candy, but not for the brain.” – Nurkarmilah Nasir

4. She Put Me Where I Belong, In The Friend Zone

“Things were going pretty well, I guess. We hung out quite often, and I inevitably fell for her. So one night, I ‘kidnapped’ her to a nearby playground where it was just the two of us, gave her a box of sweet memories and poured my heart and soul out. As you can guess, I went home feeling utterly embarrassed but somehow relieved that I laid everything out on the table. Hey, at least that’s better than feeling regret with what ifs, right?” – Norman Zakaria

5. A BFF Turned F*ckboy

“Was just blinded all the way because he was my best friend. He moved on and I slowly realised that I was so blinded to the point where I didn’t notice he was just a f*ckboy all along. Its more like out with the old and in with the new. Plus, I’m a chick so he probably couldn’t handle it when i went psycho for a minute, which is expected since i was dealing with his f*ckboy-ness. No resentment from my side, though. It’s all part of growing up. If the friendship’s meant to be, it’ll work out itself.” – Ranessa Theyakaraja

Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr

6. When Parents Get Involved

“She was a mannequin, my parents didn’t approve and told me to get help. So I decided to get myself a dog and named it Help, which didn’t really make the situation any better to be honest #cantgetthingsright” – Naveen Veriah

7. She Will Marry Anyone

“The girl wanted to get married but we’ve only known each other for less then a month. Well, I couldn’t give her the commitment she longs for, and she became my friend’s girlfriend instead. I was still cool with both of them, but my friend kept acting all weird around me. They are getting married soon anyway, and I’m not invited. Lol. That’s just crazy. What is wrong with the world.” – Fitri Nazari

8. Guy Has Mommy Issues

“It was all fine and dandy until he called me mom. While making out, mind you. I froze for a minute not knowing how to react and then I was like, fuck this shit I’m outta here. There was no turning back from that. We’re still friends on Facebook though.” – Farah Mazlan

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9. Crushed

“My crush has a crush.” – Mimo Vinci 

10. No Sense Of Humour

“He wasn’t funny, and couldn’t even accept my jokes. A boring man is no bueno.” – Izzah Ab Aziz

11. Ghosting

“I must’ve called a thousand times but whenever I call, she never seems to be home.” – Mustaain Wahab

Photo: CMCF
Photo: CMCF

12. She Studied Abroad

“She studied abroad, and we just stopped talking to each other. Tried rekindling our old flames and all that BS, but by that time, she’s already taken. The relationship has been going on for 5 to 6 years now.” – Akasyah Zainal 

13. He Was Going Through An Existential Crisis

“He wanted to philosophise everything. Like. Everything. Like. Dude, calm down, it’s a sandwich. Don’t give me an existential crisis while we’re trying to eat, just stfu and eat the damn sandwich.” – Nad Dardin

14. The Little Annoying Stuff Didn’t Go Away, It Developed.

“Okay, I met this guy on Tinder (this should have been the red flag) and initially it went alright. After a few dates, I realised that he only likes to talk about himself. His eyes went dead every time I spoke about myself, and dismisses it with responses like, ‘oh that’s life’. So when I asked him when our next date was, only to end up in a heated argument about how us seeing each other should be called ‘hanging out’ since he didn’t like the word dating.

After a while, he kept making demands for me to come over rather than spending time in public doing something fun. It got really annoying how childish he was behaving about not seeing me at least once a week when we agreed to just go with the flow and only hang when it was convenient. Now he can sit comfortably in the friend zone cause I ain’t got time for whiners who treat me like a booty call.” – Anonymous 

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15. He’s A Creep

“So I went on a random date, which I wish that I never went to. I thought he was okay because he studied in UiTM as well, but nooope. Never again. He suddenly became obsessed with me and said ‘I love you’ after one date. Creep alert. I ended up blocking him on all of my social media accounts.” – Nabilla Eiman

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