H&M has finally unveiled the much awaited 2017 Chinese New Year campaign images featuring actor and actress Li Chen and Fan Bingbing!

Captured by iconic fashion photographer Chen Man, fans can finally ogle over the gorgeous campaign images portraying much love and joy from the celebrity couple. Combining oriental aesthetics with a contemporary twist, the campaign illustrates the celebration of the Spring Festival.


“It’s great that a global brand like H&M has curated a special Chinese New Year collection for fashion lovers in Asia and I am very honoured to shoot and be a part of the creative process of this year’s campaign. The mixed art style of east and west is what I have always pursued in my work. Shooting Li Chen and Bingbing in the collection against a traditional backdrop was a modern way to express the festivities of this special Chinese Holiday,” says Chen Man.

Fronting a fashion campaign for the first time as a couple, H&M’s Chinese New Year campaign captures the happiness and love between the couple Li Chen and Fan Bingbing. Through Chen Man’s unconventional art direction, the couple was photographed at a Chinese courtyard in Beijing dressed in contemporary outfits, fusing the long-established culture with fresh and modern fashion.


As Chinese New Year preparations such as spring cleaning are underway, H&M continues its commitment to social and environmental responsibility by offering a convenient solution for customers to leave their unwanted garments or home textiles of any brand and in any condition at H&M stores across the country. Customers will receive a 15% discount voucher* for every bag of unwanted garments or home textiles they bring.

H&M’s 2017 Chinese New Year collection is already available in all stores nationwide. For more news and updates on H&M, visit its web or Facebook page. Alternatively, search for #HM2017CNY.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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