Photo: Marie Claire
Photo: Marie Claire

Looks like we’re one step away to the future, ladies! As the New Year rings in auspicious new beginnings and game-changing trends, we’re getting a good sense of what 2017 might bring us in the nail art department.

The mastermind behind many a next-level nail art look, Eun Kyung Park who is the founder of Unistella Salon, has recently unveiled her latest innovation, Wire Nails, which might just be the most cutting-edge nail trend we’ve come across this year.

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By using thin, small gold wires and clear polish, the ingenious artist curates every design with a small pair of tweezers in which she molds the strand into whatever shape she likes. She has done everything from sculptural 3D designs including stiletto tips, cuticle accents, and even abstract-art-inspired human faces to create Picasso-esque shapes.

If you’re ready to DIY this chic minimalist look, keep in mind that since it’s a wire, you have to make sure the sharp end has a nice finish so it doesn’t get caught in clothes. Or else..

This look would be really great for those who still couldn’t figure out how to beautify nails with lacquer, allowing you to be creative without having to go through the worst parts of a manicure. You know, like painting each finger and worrying about messing them up until they’re dry, and then panicking about wasting your money because the garnish has started to chip right after you left the nail parlour.

Like some of us.


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