They say it’s not the gift that counts but the thought… but if it’s handmade, it puts a whole lot more meaning into it. This year for Valentine’s, instead of the usual chocolates, flowers and overpriced Valentine’s dinners, expand your gifting horizons with Muji!


As purveyors of household and lifestyle goods, Muji is dedicated to bringing you only the finest quality merchandises. This Valentine’s, charmed your loved one with chocolates made by you with Muji’s Handmade kits! 


Have fun decorating chocolates and baked confectioneries that can be made with a few, easy steps. Not a fan of confectioneries? The baked goods recipes are meant for bigger portions and are oh so delectable. I mean, Chocolate Lava cakes in a bag? YES PLEASE.

Photo: Muji’s Homemade Fondant Chocolate Kit, RM33.90

We love how easy it is – it’s literally just throwing everything together in a bowl and sticking it in an oven/fridge, making our handmade gifting process easier. If the kitchen isn’t really your scene, you can always opt for any of these Valentine’s Sweets and Snacks available in store from February 2017.

Photo: Heart Shaped White Chocolate with Strawberry Pieces Cookies from Muji

Ready-to-eat heart-shaped sweets and snacks are perfect for the gifting season, especially personally packaged with Muji wrapping materials available in-store. Munch into these delicious goodies and taste the sweetness instantly! Prices range from RM9.90-RM21.90.

Photo: Heart Shaped Pie Covered With Chocolate

Want more gift ideas? Checkout the photo gallery below for more lifestyle and fashion items that are sure to brighten your loved ones’ Valentine’s!

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