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In the old days, Asian parents were mostly expected to leave school, get a job, get married, buy a house and have babies all before reaching their mid twenties. Travelling was something they did with family for two weeks a year or after they retire, making it somewhat bizarre when we exhibit our desire to travel the world, sans our parents.

Even though you’re a grown up real-life adult, sometimes it can be hard for parents to let go and understand that you need to travel to experience life your way. After all, they did spend countless nights awake to cater to your needs, making sure you won’t die of hunger or lack of attention.

So how are you going to convince your parents to have faith in you? We’ve got you covered: 

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1. Research, research, research.

Impress your parents with a thoroughly mapped out research. List down the important details on your targeted holiday destination such as how long you’ll be travelling, what safety measures you should take, how much is it going to cost and ask them what other concerns they’d like you to address. They will realize of how serious you are to put in the extra effort and may ease off the parental authority throttle a bit.

2. Start saving money since last year

Moms and dads love to pull the, “where are you going to get money for that?” card. You should start a travelling fund and show them that you are responsible and mean business. Once they see how determined you are, they might start considering. They might even help you out a bit to ease your burden!

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3. Behave

Make this easy for yourself. Don’t be a brat days before you ask to travel abroad. Be a good kid and cooperate with your parents, as it helps your chances of being able to take off on your own. Presenting good (school) results will justify that you’re not that clueless in life and also boost their blessings for you, in which could be rewarded with their faith to let you travel abroad.

4. Timing

As constantly bringing up the issue every chance you get might seem like a good idea, you should keep in mind that it could come off as annoying, in which could ruin your chances of ever seeing the world altogether. Stop pestering them when it’s unnecessary. Observe their mood and the environment, and if it’s cool enough, start talking. We suggest you to do it after dinner around TV time, but be careful not to bug them during their favourite soap opera!

5. Introduce your friends.

If you are travelling with companions, it’s generally easier for you to convince your parents. At least they know you’re not going to be left stranded alone somewhere in Papua New Guinea. Bring your friends over and let them help you with the persuasion, as they could charm your parents in ways that you would have never thought of.

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6. It’s not safe where you’re going.

When they pull this card, casually remind them that Malaysia currently holds the No. 4 spot in the World’s List Of Most Dangerous Countries, making it technically safer to travel anywhere but here. LOL. Don’t be rude though, it’s not their fault to be worried sick of what might happen to you.

The media have done a sterling job in making everyone in the world seem like rapists, murderers and kidnappers (eg: Taken, Taken 2, Taken 3 etc). So, calmly assure them that you are going to be safe and provide them with the Malaysian Embassy’s number as well as prepare a contingency plan in just case luck is not on your side.

7. Communication is key

Make a promise to keep in touch. There are lots of ways to update them on your travelling progress such as Skype, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, Email and whatever they feel comfortable with. And make sure you stick to it. A quick Skype once a week will put their mind at ease and will allow you to share your amazing travelling stories too!

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8. Sometimes, you just need to do it.

If you’re over 25, and your parents still wouldn’t allow you to go anywhere that’s not local, just go for it man. Know that you have reached the cut-off point of adulthood, and you need to experience the world before inevitable responsibilities start pouring into your life.

With that said, remember to never disrespect your parents as they will forever see you as their baby, even when you’ve turned 40. Try, and try again. Don’t ever give up on your wanderlust-ed dreams to travel abroad. Good luck!

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