Over the last decade, COS has remained true to its credo of offering high quality collections comprising of wardrobe staples as well as re-invented classics – all this in the name of keeping up with the brand’s ethos of modern, timeless, functional and tactile design.

Since its first store opening on London’s Regent Street in 2007, COS has grown globally and in turn built an admirable relationship within the realms of art and design. The brand’s seasonal collections have always been influenced by art, architecture and design. In an effort to share this passion with customers, COS has invested in collaborations with known and upcoming artists, designers and institutions across Europe, Asia and the USA.

To celebrate COS‘ 10th anniversary, the lovely people behind the brand will be creating a 10 piece capsule collection with garments for women, men and children. Each garment’s pattern is created like a jigsaw with the full width of the fabric used, one shape deciding another – limiting any excess. These methods create a clean and considered collection with collapsing volumes and rectilinear silhouettes.


Soft double layered panels are seen in a long-length shirt dress and men’s technical jacket with functional double-pockets. Japanese influences are apparent in the square-cut proportions of a men’s top and a women’s coat featuring kimono-style sleeves. Children’s wear features playful appliqué on a dress and shirt. The collection will be made with light fabrications of crisp cotton and technical polyester in a pared-back palette of sand and white.

Karin Gustafssonm, Creative Director of COS, said of the collection, “The design team took the opportunity to play and experiment in the pattern-cutting process, re-imagining the methods behind the design. The pattern-cutters and designers worked in parallel, referencing historical techniques that maximised the use of materials. As we look to the future we will continue to focus on the efficient use of fabrics and forward-thinking techniques.”

The 10th Anniversary Collection by COS will be on sale from the 24th March 2017 in stores worldwide and online. Visit the COS webpage for more news and updates.

Nad Dardin
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