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If you were wondering when the Hana Tajima for UNIQLO collections would resurface, here’s your chance.

UNIQLO have just announced that the highly coveted Hana Tajima for Uniqlo Spring Summer 2017 Collection will launch on 10th February. The latest collection features movement and lightness under the theme of “Bringing Abstract to Life”. The full collection of 30 items in 81 colors and patterns will be available at all UNIQLO stores nationwide and its online store.

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Inspired by the relationship between movement and form, Hana Tajima FOR UNIQLO Spring/Summer 2017 will continue to stay true to the UNIQLO approach of LifeWear – blending commitment to comfort and effortless versatility with contemporary styles that bring joy and elegance to daily wear.

“Hana Tajima for UNIQLO is a collection that is versatile and inclusive. We are introducing new lightweight fabrics and cutting details that enhance the natural movement of the body. There are soft, draped elements in dresses, tunics, and full-length pants alongside more sculptural shapes and silhouettes. These changes are all aimed at giving the wearer complete comfort and an understated elegance”, says Hana Tajima.

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The latest collection introduces new design elements such as flared silhouettes and three-dimensional forms, on top of new materials such as sheer and original textured fabrics that are lightweight and softly embrace the figure.

Each garment has been lovingly designed with a keen eye for detail to bring depth and fluidity to form. The range includes versatile pieces such as wrap tunics, flared long dresses, and tapered ankle pants. The collection also features new shades and hues of purple, orange and olive, and striped designs to bring a touch of freshness to the line up.

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