Casio x Girls’ Generation Limited Edition Baby-G Is A Must-Have For Sporty Ladies


With creative music and attractive lifestyle that perfectly match Casio‘s concept, there’s no doubt that Girls’ Generation has been the brand’s favourite faces since they joined BABY-G’s advertising campaign in July 2012.

This time around, Casio has partnered up with the K-Pop hotties once again, releasing two limited edition models based on the ‘Tough and Cool’ concept. The BGA-230GGA and BGA-230GGB  are based on the BGA-230, a Casio watch popular among women who prefer sporty and not-so-girly design.

Designed in rose gold, the metal ring inside the bezel as well as one spot on the dial provide an accent colour, elevating the casual look of the watches with a touch of elegance. Available in black and white, the colours chosen for the new models reflect their positioning as limited editions inspired by Girls’ Generation.


Each watch comes with an original easel card featuring the signatures of the group members, along with special packaging designed by noted movie director and visual designer Zongbaik.

You can find the autographs of Tiffany, TaeYeon, SeoHyun and Sunny on the black model, meanwhile Yoona, SooYoung, Yuri and HyoYeon’s signatures can be seen on the white model. These exquisitely designed limited edition watch models are very special indeed!

Both BGA-230GGA and BGA-230GGB retails at RM749 respectively and is available at all G-Factory and Casio stores. For more information, head over to Casio’s official website or contact them at 03-2742-1253. 

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