You know it’s Fred Perry when it’s undeniably British. This Spring, the Authentic collection celebrates the spirit of originality through classic offerings and modern interpretations of the brand’s signature pieces.

Vintage Fred Perry pieces continue to provide inspiration for both silhouette and graphic patterns across the Women’s Authentic for spring 2017. Gingham and tartan, part of the modernist’s uniform from the ’60s, give a timeless spin to contemporary pieces in the collection.

Further exploration of the gingham print results in oversized chequered squares on the collar and main body of shirts, adding both interest and texture. A collection formed from modern wardrobe building pieces is streamlined using tonal colours such as black and grey for gingham prints and navy and black in the collection’s fine knitwear.

As always, the twin-tipped shirt sits at the centre of the Authentic collection. It was the first piece to carry the legendary 5-4-4 twin tipping, and it remains at the core of everything the Fred Perry brand stands for. Other pique shirts in the collection take inspiration from the G3600, as well as our sporting heritage.

Shirt dresses remain a key part of Fred Perry’s Women’s Authentic collection, with styles playing on our sports lineage, such as the ringer T-shirt dresses. The pique shirt dresses evolve for spring to include a zipped placket, a gentle nod to our sporting heritage and a new way to style the dress.

With reference to the original military parka jackets that were adopted by the mods in the ’60s, the Parka detail shirts and shirt dresses have been influenced by the detailing typically found on this iconic outerwear product.

The A-line tennis skirt is a modern take on an original Fred Perry sportswear shape. Made from tricot fabric, it comes with a matching track jacket. Tonal zips and Laurel embroidery replace the typical white features and elevate the piece for a refined take on a sportswear icon.

Besides the Authentic Women’s Collection, there are also separate Authentic Collections for men and children, curated with the same aesthetics and signatures of the Fred Perry brand.

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