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Pokémon Go Adds A Slew Of 80 New Monsters To The Game

But would this make it popular again?

Photo: Forbes

Niantic just gave Pokémon Go a huge new update this week and a total of 80 new Pokémon from the second generation of games are now available on the mobile game, alongside other new features. With that said, will it be good enough to jumpstart its revival?

Johto Pokémon, from the starter trio of Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile and beyond is now available in the wild. New revolutionary items and berries have also been added to the game with the following functions – Evolutionary items aid in completing Johto collections; and berries make battles more challenging.

Photo: Niantic

The Nanab Berry slows down Pokémon so the chances of them running off will decrease, while the Pinap Berry doubles the candy collection upon each successful catch. Increased customisation options, such as tweaking with the trainers looks, will be available for purchase.

Other updates include full patch notes, genders for every Pokémon, a night mode map, bonus candies and minor text fixes. These new additions don’t change the gameplay, but they sure shake things up a notch just enough to make the game a little more refreshing.

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