Miss Malaysia World 2016 Stripped Off Title

Shweta Sekhon takes over the title of Miss Malaysia World 2016, after Tatiana.

7 months later, we’ve got a new Miss Malaysia World 2016. Several news outlets have reported that the Miss Malaysia World 2016 Tatiana Kumar has been stripped of the title AFTER she won the crown in 2016.

The announcement was made via the Miss Malaysia World organisation’s Instagram account today.

The post stated that Tatiana, 19, had breached the code of conduct and contract.

“It has come to our attention that there is a breach of our Code of Conduct and contract by the reigning Miss Malaysia World 2016 Tatiana Kumar.” said former National Director and Licensee for Miss Malaysia World Datuk Anna Lin.

In the statement, Lin also announced first runner-up Shweta Sekhon, 20, as the new Miss Malaysia World 2016/17, replacing Tatiana. When contacted regarding the issue, Lin said that Tatiana and her family had made several offensive posts on both the Internet and social media regarding the Miss Malaysia World organisation which had also affected an important sponsor.

Photo of Tatiana Kumar: Miss World Malaysia

“There are certain formalities, and she has also breached one involving an important sponsor. This has led to the contract being terminated,” added Lin, who is currently in London.

Tatiana was crowned the Miss Malaysia World title in August 2016 and was served a legal letter regarding the termination via email. Her father, Kumar, insisted that she has done nothing wrong when contacted.

So far, everything’s a little he-said-she-said so it’s a little hard to judge who’s right or wrong or if anyone at all is telling the truth. This may sound petty but, we do feel like it’s a little embarrassing to see such bickering on a public sphere between an international contestant and organisation.

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