Back in January, news broke that Scarlett Johansson and her husband of two years split after the couple were separated over summer. The Ghost in the Shell actress finally filed for divorce, and things are getting ugly as the ex couple are in a public battle for custody over their two-year-old daughter Rose Dorothy Dauriac.

It is reported that Dauriac wants to move to France with their daughter, and ScarJo travels a lot for work but wants primary physical custody of the child. Dauriac is now seeking shared equal custody and has accused Johansson’s lawyers of “blindsiding” him by going to court, putting the custody in the limelight.

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She filed, so for her to ask for privacy now seems somewhat oxymoronic to me — it makes no sense,” Dauriac’s lawyer argues. “We were negotiating in good faith but whatever Scarlett wanted, Scarlett wasn’t getting (in the negotiations), so she blindsided us. We were happy to continue negotiating. It’s not in her daughter’s interest to file in the public court system.”

On the contrary, divorce lawyer Lois Liberman argues that ScarJo’s legal team may have went to court to ensure the custody matter would be assessed by a New York family court instead of in France where he is from. He adds that Johansson may successfully obtain court intervention to be able to bring her daughter with her on location this way.

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If the ex-couple do not reach a negotiated settlement, the dispute may be resolved based on the child’s best interest and where the child regularly resides. It would also be taken into consideration which parent has a more fixed schedule to be able to provide the child with a ‘normal’ existence.

Johansson, 32 and Dauriac, 34, married in October 2014 soon after the birth of their daughter. The couple, who went public with their romance in November 2012, had a prenuptial agreement, but provisions for how they would manage the issue of children in the case of divorce were not mentioned.

Pre-split and divorce, ScarJo also offered her thoughts on how monogamy doesn’t feel natural to her.

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