International Women’s Day was on March 8 but we’re extending the celebration to the weekend to honour womanhood! There are many ways to celebrate International Women’s Day/Weekend, but we’re taking a more charitable route this year to make the weekend count.

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Which is why Team Lipstiq is encouraging you to bring a few girlfriends together and flex those #DoGood muscles in a few different ways this weekend (or every weekend):


Left: Biji Biji Initiative, Right: VOWS MY

1. Shop mindfully – Try to avoid shopping for the weekend, unless you know that your money is being put towards a great cause. Enterprises like Biji Biji Initiative or VOWS MY are platforms that aim to inspire everyone to be accountable for their waste in the name of sustainable living. Get funky furniture from Biji Biji Intiative to spruce up your space or shop for your favourite brands at VOWS MY today! Responsible and guilt-free shopping has never looked better.


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2. Soup kitchens – Instead of spending the weekend on yet another gastronomical adventure in KL, why not aid those in need? Soup kitchens in KL are aplenty and you can always help cook, pack and distribute food for about 400-700 people a night in different areas of the city. If you’ve got the qualifications, you can also help in providing medical treatment or help give the homeless haircuts for free. Check out KECHARA soup kitchen or Dapur Jalanan KL for ways to help out this weekend.


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3. Tutor a refugee child – ICYMI, Malaysia has no legal or administrative system to address the refugee situation. As such, refugees or the stateless can’t work or study legally in this country. Established in 2009 after Deborah Henry first learnt of the devastating condition of refugees in Malaysia, Fugee School now works closely with the refugee community in providing 160 students with an education. Access here to learn more about Fugee School and how you can help today.


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4. Build a home for the Orang Asli – There are many of those in the Orang Asli community who are in need of a place to call home. Organisations like Epic Homes help families by building new homes and help renovate current homes that are falling apart. It’s not just about helping others, but it’s also about building relationships between the urbanite and the ruralist. Check out Epic Homes to see how you can make some new friends where the air’s much clearer.


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5. Spend sometime with furry friends – If you feel like spending sometime helping out some furry strays, there are many volunteer duties at animal shelters or even Zoo Negara if you’re feeling adventurous! You can help clean, prepare and serve meals to the animals, take them for walks and even bath and groom them! Check out SPCA and Zoo Negara for more details.


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6. Be with the children – Volunteer at an orphanage to be involved in the lives of neglected and/or abused children. You can help in educating or playing with them and even provide a compassionate persona for them to lean on. You’d also be able to help in organising sports day activities, outings and even art or music classes. Check out Shelter Home to see how you can make a difference in someone’s life today.


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Volunteer as a gardener – The Free Tree Society was established to increase and improve the suburban and city greenscape while educating people on the correct way of planting trees and establishing a love of local plants. Find out more on how you can volunteer as a gardener or help out with the Free Tree Society today.


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