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You’ll Never Skip Arm Day With The Trending XXL Bag

Three cheers to toned arms and carrying a million receipts on our backs.

Recently on the runway, we saw the ultimate dream come true for hoarders – the XXL bag.

Fashion and sport has been thick as thieves lately with evening sneakers, leggings as trousers and being able to wear the same outfit post gym to drinks. Though combining the two has been quite the trend as of late, there’s no actual working out in this equation. But then comes this game changer from the Fall 2017 shows that’s not about to let you skip arm day.

Photo: Celine, Getty

As seen on the runways, the oversized bag aligns with the industry’s trend of Supersize Me Bag Edition. From flatscreen TV sized camel carryalls at Céline, mammoth mesh laundry bags in the same prints as dresses (this is obviously Balenciaga), and quilted Mulberry tote bags that you’d probably have to check in at the airport instead of carrying it on the plane, we’re thinking that everyone’s done with dainty/”lady proportionate” handbags.

But more than everyone being “done” with things, the trend highlights what fashion has been saying, nay, SCREAMING on runways or the red carpet – from coin purses to carrying your whole makeup collection on your back, a woman can wear whatever the hell she wants.

Just try not to rupture a disc while doing it?


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