Unleash Nonpareil Translucency With The White Dew Line By Laneige

Beauty trends consistently come and go, but skincare goals such as attaining ideal translucency and luminosity are forever at a constant. Thus, Korean beauty powerhouse Laneige has recently unveiled its new White Dew range – the world’s first patented moisture whitening skincare line – to actualise the dream of having enviable complexion.

Skin brightness is very much dependent on hydration and Laneige’s Water Science Technology holds the water content in the skin to keep the formation of melanin, which causes hyper-pigmentation and skin darkening, under control, mitigating dullness, redness or yellowish tones in the skin.

The key technology in the White Dew range that is effective for skin brightening is Mela-vita Crusher™ that regulates moisture and offers whitening, alongside a soothing effect on the skin. Containing Vitamin B5 Precursor, Truffle/Mushroom Yeast Extract and Saururus Chinensis Bail, every use also leaves the skin plump and bouncy.

Laneige’s White Dew line comprises the White Dew Milky Cleanser (RM100), White Dew Skin Refiner (RM125), White Dew Emulsion (RM140), White Dew Original Ampoule Essence (RM220), White Dew Tone-up Cream (RM165), the White Dew Intensive Eye Mask (RM108 for 8 sheets) and White Dew Purifying Mask (RM150 for 12 capsules).

The full White Dew skincare range by Laneige, except the Original Cream and Capsule Sleeping Pack which are due to be launched in July, is now available at all Laneige counters and retail stores.

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