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Review: The Morning After Takes Flight At Skypark Terminal

The only type of morning after that does not call for a walk of shame.

A trip to Melbourne combined with a burning love for design and beautiful space sets was how The Morning After began. Inspired by all-day dining parlours and the love of basking in the warmth of great coffee, The Morning After continues to expand with 7 outlets across Klang Valley and the Northern Region.

Last week, the Lipstiq team paid a visit to The Morning After’s latest outlet at Skypark Terminal. With an aim to bring sexy back to coffee with an interior that’s bathed in steel and wood elements, The Morning After’s good looks and great food is rapidly becoming a favourite for those waiting to catch a flight or are just downright famished and needing a quick bite and a cuppa.

The Morning After uses a signature blend of Brazilian and Indian coffee beans for beverages to go with a number of mains, brunch meals and sammies to make up a whole meal. At the Skypark Terminal outlet, coffees are priced for less than RM15 while meals go as high as RM25 per dish.

The menu here is a little less extensive than the other The Morning After outlets, but it’s justifiable as the latest serves as an outpost for those looking for a quick bite and a cuppa. Upon our visit, we tried the Salted Caramel Macchiato (RM14). On a hot Wednesday afternoon, the iced beverage (you can always opt hot) was the perfect concoction of bitter, sweet and salty. The ambience of TMA helped a ton in keeping us pretty chilled too.

Food options are still pretty wide, considering that it’s a smaller menu here. I jumped straight for the An American Dream (RM25) because breakfast food is appropriate at all mealtimes and wasn’t the least bit disappointed with my choice.

The platter comes with eggs of choice (poached, scrambled, sunny side up, etc), roasted potatoes, beef bacon/turkey ham, chicken sausage, buttered bread, sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes – basically a whole load of Big Breakfast goodness to start your day/afternoon/evening with. This is meant for 1, but if you’re a light eater, this could pass for 2 as well!

We’ve been told that the crowd also comes by for the Spicy Aglio Oglio (RM22). It’s simple yet satisfying with shrimps, zucchini and a whole lot of spiciness. If you’re looking for something fuss free and quick for lunch, this dish is definitely something you should try out.

All in all, we loved our visit to The Morning After at Skypark Terminal and it’s safe to say that the outlet is on our Top 5 list of establishments to dine/chill at in a setting that exudes calm and sexiness before catching a flight.

The Morning After is located at the Skypark Terminal in Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah airport. For more information and updates on The Morning After, access here.

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