A nail salon in Memphis, Tennessee is coming under fire for a fat-shaming policy about customers that has the Internet absolutely livid.

Rose Nails, in Memphis, Tennessee, has come under fire after posting a sign that reads, “Sorry, but if you are overweight, pedicures will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists. Thank you!”

The offensive sign was first brought to attention by Deshania Ferguson on Facebook, a potential customer who shared the image online, writing, “Went to get my nails done on Overton Crossing and Frayser Blvd and this is what they have up…so rude.”

The sign reached a wider audience after local news channel WREG reported on it. So far, the owner of Rose Nails reportedly denied ever posting the sign and continued by telling the reporter that he does not service any customer who is “severely overweight”.

WREG also wrote that he “said instead of putting a sign up, he’s decided to just not service someone if they are severely overweight. He said it’s difficult for technicians to give them pedicures, and he’s had broken chairs in the past, which hurts his bottom line.”

Photo: Daily Mail

It isn’t just horrible to discriminate against anyone for any reason but there’s also something deeply depressing in the proof that people who feel that being overweight is an unforgivable offense still exist today. Fat-shaming is NEVER okay, and claiming that you’re only looking out for your business before your customer is messed up. No customers, no business, amirite?


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