Remember the time when fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken came up with a finger lickin’ good nail polish that smells just like fried chicken? That was the first we’ve heard of edible nail polish, but it certainly wasn’t the last..

If wine o’clock means all day err’day for you, you’re going to love this Prosecco flavoured nail polish that smells and tastes just like the fizz, sans the hangover. Created by Groupon, the shimmery yellow nail polish is also infused with real Prosecco.

Although the company recommends licking the polish on your fingertips, that can be extremely unhygienic and may even encourage nail biting, aside from looking slightly bizarre.

This zero-calorie nail polish is an exclusive release for Mother’s Day and can only be won in a free prize draw via Groupon, so you won’t be able to find this anywhere else in the world. Props to Groupon though for coming up with something so cheeky!

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Carmen Chong
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