Inspired by a movement that expressed itself through music, German fashion house, MCM explores its rebellious roots by celebrating the original spirit of punk in its brand new SS17 collection, Punk Ethos.

The offering, which was first revealed late last year, pays homage to the edgy, self-assured cuts and pieces from the early punk scene, showcasing bold statement against conformity, stagnation and the ordinary. That means studded leather jackets, skinny jeans, chains and more.

Reflecting the exuberant, colourful style of punk, MCM’s SS17 collection seeks to break free from the mundane and forge new paths for creativity, blurring the boundaries between the past and future to create a new aesthetic.

Bright, bold colours like Atomic Orange, Electric Pink and Punk Green lend shock value to MCM classics like the Patricia and the Berlin, while new materials like the Print Tape inspired by real vintage suspenders from the brand’s archive demonstrate the ongoing process of creation and experimentation that infuses their workshops.


Usher in a new revolution in style with the Punk Ethos collection, available in stores now. Head over to MCM for more information.

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