Here’s some incredible news for the morning – after years of replicating, screen-shotting and wishlist-ing chrome nails, the time has come for you to DIY these coveted chrome finish nails with a lot less effort, thanks to our friends at Ciate London.

Ciate just revealed on Instagram the world’s first ever liquid mirror chrome nail polish (it took them 3 years to formulate this vial of magic, BTW) and it is SO AMAZING.

If you were wondering if this look requires gel or powder or acrylics with Ciate, you can breathe easy now because it’s really just regular nail polish – paint it on and you’re good to go.

So far, no further details have emerged because Ciate is teasing us by saying that it’s coming soon. But we’re already mentally prepping ourselves to wait in line for it and we’re willfully waiting for a rose gold chrome polish to be in production in light of this revolutionary step towards chromed out beauty.

Ciate, our nails and bodies are ready.

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