The festival season is upon us as Coachella is happening this weekend, and if you happen to be attending (lucky b*tch, you), chances are you’ve been scouring the Internet for unique festival makeup looks to emulate. There are only a few days in a year when it’s acceptable to go all out sans the judgement after all.

Look no further as Kim Kardashian has started a new beauty trend that’s exploding on Instagram, by accident. She repeatedly had on fake piercings on her bottom lip, and now makeup artists are copying the same effect but with liquid lipstick. Surprisingly, it looks pretty damn dope.

One makeup artist, Daisy Weigt, uses Kat Von D’s latest Everlasting Liquid Lipstick to apply lipstick as per usual, but leaving a little line down the center of the lower lip for a negative-space look. Others have taken the trend quite literally by painting a metallic stripe vertically on the lip, which obviously looks way closer to the real thing.

Would you try it? 😉

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Carmen Chong
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