Behold, ice queens! La Cremeria® has unveiled it’s latest offering, Classically Mint, an indulgent new single-serve flavour crafted for modern women to enjoy a delectable, comforting moment to themselves, amidst their full-on lives.

Encased in a rich, chocolate shell, the smooth and creamy mint-flavoured ice cream is sprinkled with crunchy cookie bits, offering an added texture and a satisfying mouth-watering sensation. Trust us, you will love it. We know we do!

La Cremeria® Classically Mint is a meticulously crafted ice-cream that serves to remind women that the world can wait, while they claim much-deserved, mini moments of indulgence. Put that stress on hold, and prioritise on what you want for once.

The delicious ice cream which retails for RM3.50, is available in all major hypermarkets, petro-marts and other retail outlets nationwide. For more information, head over to Facebook.

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