Destroying Makeup Is Instagram’s Latest Way To Play With Expensive Beauty Products

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If you’ve been meaning to clear out old beauty products that’s probably harmful now, mostly because they have expired, then you’d want to consider the newest trend in the beauty world: makeup destruction. After all, you did shell out major dough for that highlighter palette, so this should be an interesting way to say goodbye.

Beauty News is a YouTube channel run by Hailey and Kat who have a series called The Makeup Breakup, where they destroy your favourite makeup products and weigh them to see if you really get your money’s worth.

In their videos, the two bloggers obtain perfectly intact eyeshadow, blush, or highlighter palettes, and then slowly quash them with metal tools.

Even though the videos may seem painful to watch, especially if you’re a makeup fan who’s on a budget, the bloggers are actually on a mission. After they clear the contents from the case, they also weigh the case to see if the product is really the weight the company claims it is.

For example, the duo weighed a Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Blush palette before and after destroying it, only to find out that the actual weight of the product was 1.82 g heavier than it claimed to be. That was a pleasant surprise, considering that the palette is worth $70 (RM307).

Although this trend may not be for everyone, the next time you drop a fancy blush on the floor and it crumbles in its case, let Hailey and Kat’s videos be a reminder that broken makeup is still totally usable.

The duo then proceed to mash the product, mix it with a liquid, and press the contents back into the case so they can use the palette again. So it’s all good!

It’s like watching a slow, painful death of expensive beauty products. Thank god it’s not ours, though.


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