Times are different now, and unlike back in the day, not all of us are domestic goddesses who are able to whip up magical meals with whatever ingredients laying around. And that is precisely why we need the new Google Assistant-powered speaker, Google Home, in our lives.

Photo: Mirror.co.uk

Partnering with New York Times, Food Network, Bon Appetit, and more, the nifty device is now able to talk you through over recipes, with 5 million of those in its database combined. According to Google, the Google Assistant reads one instruction at a time instead of shoving all the steps to you at once. You can even repeat a step.

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Here’s how it works: Search for a recipe on Google Assistant or the Google Search app, then click “Send to Google Home”. Say “Okay Google, start cooking” or “Okay Google, start recipe” to your Google Home. Tadaa, just follow through to cook up a storm. How cool?

The Google Home smart speaker retails for US$129 and unfortunately, isn’t available in our country.. yet. But, we’re hopeful!

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