Gone are the days where we have to resort in seeking service from dodgy, unhygienic waxing parlours, as STRIP: Ministry Of Waxing promises a more comfortable and less intimidating service, continuously upping the ante by offering safer and less painful hair grooming techniques.

Having built the brand on waxing over the past decade, STRIP has expanded its presence in various hot spots the likes of Singapore, London, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Jakarta, embarked on a journey to revolutionise the industry.

To celebrate this amazing milestone, the hair removal parlour will be running exclusive 10 Year Anniversary promos, alongside its latest campaign, We Want Your Hair, which solidifies its brand positioning as the Brazilian Specialist in the market. On the promo days, customers are entitled to the following prices for STRIP’s ala carte and package treatments:

1. Brazilian XXXX Hard Wax, Female: RM 88 (O.P. RM 120.50) Male: RM 98 (O.P. RM 155.50)

2. Brazilian XXXX IPL, Female: RM 288 (O.P. RM 900) Male: RM 388 (O.P. RM 1,170)

3. Underarm IPL, Female: RM 88 (O.P. RM 450) Male: RM 98 (O.P. RM585)

4. Package for 6 Sessions of Brazilian XXXX IPL, Female: RM 3,388 (O.P. RM 5,400) Male: RM 4,404 (O.P. RM 7,020)

5. Package for 6 Sessions of Half Leg Bottom IPL, Female: RM 3,388 (O.P. RM 5,400) Male: RM 4,404 (O.P. RM 7,020)

6. Package for 6 Sessions of Underarm IPL, Female: RM 1,694 (O.P. RM 2,700) Male: RM 2,202 (O.P. RM 3,510)

The campaign which will run from 1 April – 31 July 2017 across all 8 outlets in Malaysia, also offers a free Underarm Wax or Brazilian XXXX Wax session for the first 10 customers, as well as one RM50 voucher for redemption for the lucky 11th and 50th customers.

For a smooth post treatment care, check out the limited edition Your Bare Essential sets worth RM228 above, which includes Ice Cream, SCO Peace+ and a loofah. So drop by your nearest outlet to discover and enjoy these irresistible promotional prices!

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