You got to work on time and you’re making your morning cuppa when you get this nagging doubt. Did you remember to lock the door? Sure you did. Or did you? If you didn’t, what if the house gets broken into? And bam, those thoughts consume you for the rest of the day.

Is this a regular occurrence for you? According to a study published in the Social Psychology and Personality Compass, you don’t have to fret as worrying can be good for you, contrary to popular belief that all excessive worrying does is leave you with mental and physical effects.

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The researchers have found that worrying is motivating. It highlights a situation in the mind until appropriate action is taken to resolve the issue, and also softens the blow whenever a bad outcome happens as you’ve already sort of played the whole worst case scenario shebang in your head.

Additionally, worry makes you a greater planner so similar instances don’t happen again. Hence, don’t worry about worrying too much and just do you, unless you suffer from mental disorders like anxiety and worrying interferes with your daily life, accompanied by symptoms like fatigue.


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