Your First Vacation Together As A Couple Could Determine If He Is Right For You

Going on a trip with your partner is like unpacking a suitcase stuffed with crazy secrets. You may think you know them, but you don’t know anything until you’ve seen how they react to a seven hour flight delay and major jet lag.

Think about it – you’ll be going away together without any interruptions, and seeing places you’ve always dreamed of with someone whom you love so dearly. At least at the point of planning that is.. But, how do you know if your other half is the kind of person you’d want to travel with your whole life?

Your first vacation together may just be the answer and here’s why:


1) You get to know what kind of traveller he is

What you do when you travel says so much about you, and it’ll give you a taste of your partner’s sense of adventure. Is your partner the kind of person who would take you to every hotspot on the travel brochure? Or the opposite – an annoying tourist that would complain every time you head out, forcing you to go back to the hotel only because he wants to watch cable TV?

Welp, and until this day I ask, what’s the point of travelling if you don’t want to experience new things? We’ve paid for the everything anyway.

2) You watch how he handles stress

Of course, having an argument during a trip away is certainly not fun. However, it can be a good thing, as you get to see how your boyfriend behaves under stress, giving you an inside look into future times of crisis. Will your partner handle stress like an actual adult, or will they leave you to let you figure things out by yourself? You’ll certainly find out more about your beau’s habits once you travel together.


3) Observe how you function together

Travelling with a partner doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a smooth-sailing ride. It’s inevitable for you to encounter some challenges along the way, ’cause life happens when you’re busy making plans, right? So before you start arguing with your partner over something trivial, remember that there will always be a way to settle things nicely.

Whether figuring out if that $400 artwork from France is worth purchasing or dealing with the loss of a credit card, it can give you the best opportunity to help each other deal and work toward a solution together. Overcoming even a minor travel setback is a blessing in disguise, and it gives you an amazing way to bond together.

4) See those true colours

Here’s a fun fact – when you travel with your beau, you’ll learn more new things about each other you would never have expected, such as their habits, idiosyncrasies as well as whether you can compromise. 24/7 uninterrupted boo time means that the glossed over version of your partner’s facade will soon fade, leaving behind the picture perfect persona they’ve been portraying in order to win you.

It’s only a matter of time before their true self slips through, giving you a better understanding of what they are like, how to deal with them and whether you’d want to accept this sort of behaviour.


5) Watch how your partner treats others

Travelling will give you a glimpse into how your partner communicates with others, particularly service professionals like waiters, flight attendants or taxi drivers. It’s not a secret that a number of people tend to feel superior or entitled when they are on vacation at a foreign land, thinking that it’s perfectly okay to treat others as if they’re worth less than a dime.

While this may sound a little weird, you need to observe your partner. Are they well-mannered enough, not just to you, but to random people you interact with as well? After all, that could determine how he’s going to treat you and your family members.

6) It will either make or break your relationship

Your partner should be your favourite travel companion. Going on a trip together is the perfect test run to really show whether you can handle each other in unusual situations. Encountering arguments while travelling is normal, but if you can figure out your strengths and weaknesses to make for the best vacation possible, then you can be assured that it’s meant to be.

Remember, this is your future we’re talking about. It’s such a huge warning sign if they immediately freak out or shut down the minute something goes wrong. You need a partner who can stay calm and collected, not go totally bonkers at the first sign of trouble.


7) You get to make amazing memories

Going on a holiday should be wonderful, even if you had to face some challenges along the way. You’ll have some of the best or worst travelling experiences, making awesome memories to carry with you for the rest of your life.

It takes you out of your comfort zone, lets you enjoy some alone time away from real-life stress and obligations, and allows you to experience new things together. On top of that, you’ll even have cool Instagram shots and stories update from your adventures that will help shape your relationship.

Don’t forget, you’re not going away with your buddies, whose idea of a good time is going bar hopping to look for the most eligible hottie of the night. Going on that trip with a significant other is a great way to test your compatibility and ability to compromise before moving further into the relationship. It could even determine if he’s the one for you.

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