Pregnant Women Are Now Revealing The Gender Of Their Babies With Nail Art

Who else here binge-watches gender reveal videos on YouTube and gets unnecessarily emotional? We can’t be the only ones..

Pregnancy is wonderful and deserves all the extravagance, but while some couples use parties, balloons and cakes to reveal the gender of their babies, others are seeking a more subtle approach through nail art.

In a new trend that’s gaining traction, new moms are getting manicures done in pink or blue hues with little pacifiers, rattles and other baby-related things to announce the sex of their babies.

Then, there are those who are opting not to assign a gender to their unborn children with vibrant gender-neutral multi-coloured nails like yellow and purple.

Whatever it is, learning about the sex of your offspring definitely calls for celebration, so do whatever you wish!

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Carmen Chong
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