Egypt is known for its wondrous treasures and rich history. But behind the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the Pharaohs lies a treasure that often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves – Egyptian food. Egyptian cuisine from centuries back are still served today in Egyptian households, street food vendors and now at Tut’s Egyptian Eatery in 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

The dishes served at Tut’s are staples and mains available daily in households of the land of the Sphinx for its accessibility in whipping up comfort food for all.  The key ingredients unique to some of the dishes at Tut’s are sourced from Egypt. For example, the Molokhia leaves in the Molokhia Minced Leaf Stew are sourced from Egypt. Though the stew may not look like much, each spoonful is an explosion of flavours like garlic, spices and butter.

If you think having rice & pasta on the same plate isn’t a thing, think again. The Khoshari Mixed Grain Bowl is a surprising but delightful blend of pasta, rice, lentils, onions and beans. The Khoshari is served with tomato sauce, Tut’s chilli sauce, onions, lentils & chickpeas. Once served, give the Khoshari a good toss around to get everything mixed well.

For the meat & sandwich person, the Hawaoshi Baked Meat Foldover (available in beef or lamb) proves to be a great contender on your list of great sandwiches. This succulent sandwich features meat and Tut’s signature seasoning is served with Tahini dipping sauce. Wash the grease and guilt down with some Egyptian Lime Mint – a refreshing concoction of cold milk, sour lemon, and sharp, sweet mint.

You can’t leave Tut’s without trying out its dessert offerings. The Om Ali Bread Pudding is everyone’s favourite here – a warm bowl of soft and creamy Egyptian pudding served with coconut or gula Melaka flavoured Sangkaya ice cream for that Malaysian touch.

Want something milkier? The Roz b Laban is a baked milk and rice pudding drenched in milk and vanilla with berries on top for your sweet tooth.

All in all, I do feel like Tut’s Egyptian Eatery offers a friendly approach for Malaysians to have a traditional and authentic Egyptian meal with its affordable prices and adequate portions. There are also other dishes on offer like Tut’s amazing fried chicken that’s been marinated for 24 hours and a herbal hot plate chicken with baked rice that you absolutely must try should you ever find yourself in 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

Tut’s Egyptian Eatery, LG33A, New Wing (Rainforest/Oval), One Utama Shopping Centre.
Open daily from 10AM-10PM.


Nad Dardin
Writer by day, pseudo Disney princess by night. Loves food, makeup and knows The Godfather trilogy by heart. Follow her on Instagram (@nadardin) or get in touch with her at [email protected]