John Legend Celebrates Love Without Borders In New “Surefire” Music Video

It's so beautiful. #Surefire

John Legend is back and he’s using his latest music video for “Surefire” from his Darkness and Light album to prove that true love knows no borders.

In the video directed by Cole Wiley, it tells the story of a couple: Roberto, who is Mexican, and Jamila, who is Muslim. Legend’s latest music video does not feature the singer but shows scenes of the duo’s relationship filled with the challenges they face as a result of their romance.

The piece shows the young couple enduring harassment, grappling with Jamila’s disapproving father, and Roberto being deported to Mexico. The romantic reunion at the end is a visual representation of the enduring love that Legend sings about, proving that they’re “surefire.”

Watch the video above and revel in all its beauty.


Nad Dardin
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