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Eid or Hari Raya Aidilfitri is so much more than the crucial festivity that it is to mark the end of the holy month of fasting and Ramadhan for Muslims. The religious celebration calls for worshipping and honouring God for all His prosperous blessings, on top of seeking forgiveness and committing to a path of righteousness.

Raya is an important time for togetherness amongst loved ones to welcome new beginnings and bury the hatchet if need be, but no grand festivity like this would be complete without everyone’s favourite part – the gluttonous feasting, and not forgetting, the heaven-sent liberty to buy anything and everything new.

That is where e-commerce platform 11street comes in as the one-stop multi-label online store literally has everything from clothes, accessories, skincare and makeup to home furnishings, electronics, groceries and more. And it gets even better this festive season with its Gila-Gila Raya campaign featuring unbeatable sales and RM11 Gila-Gila deals!

While 11street already dominates a sizeable market, the e-commerce platform has been expanding its footprint by offering stylish ready-to-wear designer Raya clothing for both men and women at accessible prices, catering to the demands of brand-conscious individuals looking for a convenient alternative to custom-made clothing.

For 2016, 11street collaborated with renowned local designers, like Syomir Izwa Gupta on his first plus-size collection, Gupta PLUS, elegantly made to flatter women of more voluptuous physiques. It goes without question that things are being taken up a notch this year with ready-to-wear styles for both men and women, exclusively available only via 11street.

The Raya fashion lineup showcasing on 11street for 2017 highlights Malaysian actor Remy Ishak‘s first fashion endeavour with a vibrant range of kurta, designer Amar Amran’s Sedondon collection, as well as MariBeli Butik‘s one-of-a-kind yet affordable pieces for the entire family, tapping into the online audience.

By Remy Ishak puts emphasis on the effortless and versatile kurta, with 10 colours under the basic line and five for the exclusive line that showcases more intricate details on the sleeves and neckline. Fashion also isn’t his only venture as the 35-year-old hunk has dabbled into beauty with an alluring fragrance and body scrub on the way.

When asked about his partnership with 11street, he mentioned, “I’m a new entrepreneur in this industry and this is my first stepping stone on 11street, although I’m hoping that it would continuously expand and I would be able to then come up with even more products.”

“A clothing line is something I would love to attempt in the future, and I’ve always wanted to try something new besides acting as I’m constantly inspired by the people I meet and the places I travel to,” he added, concurring that his long-time experience in the creative industry has given him a great indication of the kind of styles he wants to showcase.

This is Amar Amran‘s second stint with 11street after a highly successful run in 2016 and the Sedondon collection has a hidden meaning that is in line with the spirit of Hari Raya. Its concept spotlights unity through complementary designs and colours for all men, women and children that would give any happy family the prominence it deserves.

Amar Amran’s designs are usually marketed offline through a physical store and the label’s ambassador Affzun Akrom Abdulkhamidov commends 11street’s strategic marketing planning for online retail as it acts as a time-saving “bridge that connects demand, supply, and clients” in a harmonious and naturally progressive relationship.

No stranger to traditional wear, MariBeli Butik aims for an increase in brand exposure and engagement by listing its Raya 2017 Kalessi collection on 11street, on top of one distinguished style that is designed specially for the e-commerce platform. In line with fashion trends for 2017, expect to find distinct ruffles and pleats running throughout the collection.

The brand owner of MariBeli Butik Ami Aisya Abu Bakar said of the partnership with 11street, “We have our loyal clientele and they have their preferences, but 11street has given us the room to be more creative so we can design trendy styles for a wider audience of many more ages compared to our own. We are no longer limited that way.”

11street‘s Gila-Gila Raya campaign goes on until 23 July 2017, so be sure to check out the exclusive styles by Remy Ishak, Amar Amran and MariBeli Butik for an eventful and dapper Raya to remember.

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