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Live The Brazilian Summer Spirit With Havaianas Top & Slim Range

Fun summer holidays out in the sun call for a great pair of reliable flip-flops that aren’t going to fail us during long frolics on the beach or whilst island hopping. And as far as flip-flops is concerned, the world’s favourite Brazilian brand Havaianas instantly comes to mind.

Established in 1962, the charm of Havaianas lies in its unique rubber recipe, making the flip-flops buttery, durable and flexible. The brand has long been celebrated for its vibrant and positive identity, while allowing for self-expression no matter the occasion.

In celebration of the Brazilian summer spirit through its 2017 global campaign, Havaianas is offerings its iconic Top and Slim flip-flops at only RM44.90 per pair. There’s no better time to embrace that light-hearted way of living and letting loose with all that Havaianas has to offer.

The Top style was what first jumpstarted the rage for the colourful flip-flops and features thicker soles as well as straps, whereas the Slim style was designed specially for ladies, showcasing more delicate straps and a more stylised silhouette with a slender sole.

The Havaianas Top style comes in 10 colours with matching straps, whereas the Slim style is available in 15 monochromatic options.

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