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UNIQLO Celebrates Everyday Life With LifeWear Fall/Winter ’17

There's something in UNIQLO's LifeWear Fall/Winter '17 Collection for everyone.

UNIQLO recently unveiled its LifeWear Fall/Winter 2017 collections, coming to UNIQLO stores near you from next month on wards!

People today dress in more varied ways as lifestyles diversify. That is in keeping with UNIQLO’s belief that individuality comes not from clothes, but the people wearing them. Instead of prescribing styles or dictating how people should dress, UNIQLO’s LifeWear empowers people to mix and match clothes to suit their own styles.

Uniqlo U

Uniqlo U represents the future of LifeWear through the talents of Christophe Lemaire and his team of elite designers and pattern makers at the UNIQLO Paris R&D Cente. The center draws on the proud fashion traditions of Paris, while leveraging new fabrics and leading-edge technologies in a relentless drive to open new vistas for fashion by revolutionizing clothing basics.


Ines De La Fressange x UNIQLO finally debuts a long-anticipated men’s line, showcasing the urban essentials of Ines’ Parisian chic aesthetics.

The women’s line this season is a dynamically different celebration of the enduring elegance of the black and white tones that embodies the term “Parisian chic”, allowing them to coordinate with their male counterparts a lot better. New to the range are sports knits in vintage styles and classic Nordic sweaters. The line also offers items in new cuts, including military style mod coats, duffle coats, and fleece blousons.


MAGIC FOR ALL is a project that brings the fantasy and magic of Disney to people around the world through LifeWear. Latest in the collection is the showcasing of Mickey Travels and Mickey Stands.

Mickey Travels highlights a suitcase-toting mouse’s adventures in New York, Paris, London, Shanghai, Tokyo, and other destinations around the world. Classic 1940s art from Disney grace an array of T-shirts, sweatshirts, bomber jackets, and other items of clothing, as well as tote bags, pouches, and other accessories.

In its second season, the Mickey Stands collection features graphics of Mickey Mouse in iconic poses that have made him a timeless favorite around the globe, starting with a design depicting him in his screen debut in Steamboat Willie in 1928. The new lineup is for the whole family to enjoy, and augments T-shirts with sweatshirts and knits.

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