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Bernard Chandran Journeys Through Time With Nouveau Petang Raya 17/18

Enjoy the ride. #PetangRaya20172018

Bernard Chandran weaves through his designs like a time traveller with style influences from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s into his Petang Raya 2017/18 collection.

“I am like a time traveller and going back to these eras where people are more embracing, fun and positive with a free spirited vibe. I am inspired by our own iconic and stylish Malay celebrities like Mariam Ismail, Saloma, Saadiah and even Rahimah Alias who were like the ‘Faye Dunaways’ of our world,” explained Chandran.


As Chandran observed and explored the style DNA of the three eras, he dissected the styles by fusing them with contemporary aesthetics within his retro approach to the ‘kurung’. Working with graphic prints as a shout out to the ’70s, and infusing textures and cuts of the ’50s and ’60s, the Petang Raya 2017/18 collection breathes a ‘nouveau’ sense of modernity and style independence that pushes the boundaries of the wearer.

Honouring the modern and well-travelled Malay women, Chandran celebrates the utopian women throughout, by introducing the Sport Kurung, the Sarong Pant, the new darted ‘Baju Kedah’, the new ‘Fish Tail’ and the aerodynamic Kaftan.

Keeping up with the most modern and international silhouettes, one can’t help but notice the revolutionary mix of different patterns and embellishment, within one complete look. Achieving a refreshing new geometric style of embellishment, embroidery and beading as well as incorporating the three eras in a piece, this collection epitomises its own standard of style.

Chandran’s designs for the men resembled an updated ‘Baju Melayu’ – youthful and vibrant incorporating sportswear design elements – meanwhile, bearing the perfect fusion of luxury fashion and tradition updated.

The construction of his collection holds true workmanship that precedes the Chandran Couture stamp.

Chandran fine-tuned hair and makeup as a tribute to the ’80s, reminiscing his favourite time spent in Paris, with his muse and wife, Mary.

For more on Bernard Chandran, access here.

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