Sperm Washing Is The New Method To Get Pregnant Safely From HIV-Positive Partners

Thank you technology!

Since we first learned of HIV, most of us have been taught about all of the terrible physical side effects that come along with the disease.

Our Biology teacher added that HIV-positive men usually can’t have kids without running the risk of spreading the disease to the children. Luckily, thanks to technology, recent scientific developments have discovered one method that will defy this rule. The CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has endorsed the use of a processing technique for the semen of HIV-positive men for the purpose of artificial insemination.


In other words, CDC has officially approved sperm washing as a pretty effective way for HIV-positive men to have healthy babies with HIV-free women, with researchers stating that washed sperms are 92% – 99% HIV-free.

Basically, in order to conceive an HIV-negative child, couples with an HIV-positive male would have to undergo in vitro fertilization. But before the dad’s sperm is artificially inseminated into the mom, they will have to go through a sperm washing – in which sperm are removed from HIV-infected cells in the seminal fluid before the fertilization process takes place.

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In general, the standard HIV treatments used to suppress the virus are extremely costly. The CDC estimated in 2010 that the lifetime cost of HIV is $379,000 (RM1,618,500). Alarmingly, the CDC also reports that 30 percent of those living with the virus are uninsured.







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