It’s 2017 and manicures have progressed in leaps and bounds from succulent manicures to aquarium nails. The latest to join the trove of revolutionary nail trends? Robot nail art, of course.

Introducing: Transformer nails, which is a new technique from nail artist Tony Ly (same man who brought us the aquarium nails!) who is culminating a mechanical approach to nail art. Just check out this one of a 3-D ladybug with studded “mobile” wings.

We’re pretty sure some delicate engineering was put into creating the lady bug. I mean, just check out how they move to create a flapping motion.

Ly has other stuff up his sleeves too. Take for example the spinning wheel embedded into a crystal-encrusted digit. Or the black stiletto nails.

Clearly these movement-inspired designs aren’t as functional as a classic manicure. But you’ve got to admit, he’s got a knack for these out of the box designs.


Nad Dardin
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