Apparently, White Bread Is Just As Healthy As A Brown Loaf

So.. this is all a marketing strategy?

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If you’re automatically assuming that your sandwich is healthier for you because you used whole-wheat bread instead of white bread, you’re about to feel sorry for your taste buds, because that sandwich is lying to your face.

New research from the Weizmann Institute in Israel shows that sticking to wholemeal does not boost well-being as compared to chomping down on more processed bread types.

Sara Lee

Scientists who compared more than 20 clinical measurements were surprised by the findings and warned that brown bread should not be labelled as a “healthier” alternative to white bread.

They took blood tests to measure vitamin and mineral readings, fat and cholesterol levels, kidney and liver function, and look for inflammation as well as tissue damage, from 20 participants who were split into two groups – one spent a week eating processed white bread, while the rest ate whole-wheat sourdough.

The researchers found that the two types of bread basically had the same impact on all of these indicators. But they also found that different people’s bodies do react differently to different types of bread, though it has more to do with one’s body than the type of bread.


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