Right on the heels of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians season finale, Kim Kardashian West has highlighted a date to her Instagram feed, 21st June 2017, on the same washed-out pink beige we knew, we loved, from her Kylie collection – along with “@KKWBeauty” tagged in every caption.

It seems Kim’s KKW collaboration with sister Kylie back in April has truly inspired the star, because now the starlet is coming out with her very own beauty collection.

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As of now, the KKWBeauty Instagram account only follows one person: Kim Kardashian West, has already gained 9,194 followers (and counting) in the hour it’s been live, and its only three photos are the same ones Kim posted on her personal feed.

The bio reads “SHOP 06.21.17 KKWBEAUTY.COM,” so we’ve got a single clue there. The most we know is that the website itself lets you get on the email sign-up list, similar to how Kylie Jenner’s site looked when she first launched Kylie Cosmetics.

Mark your calendars!


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