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Maqilla Boutique Is The First Label To Feature Down Syndome Models On Its Raya Campaign

Breaking the stigma on this holy month

In case you haven’t noticed, the exciting month of Syawal is approaching in a couple of weeks – and if you haven’t managed to find an outfit you love, don’t fret because we have stumbled upon a collection of super fashionable Hari Raya outfits on Maqilla Boutique (aka our newfound favourite brand)!

Maqilla Boutique, a local fashion brand, has decided to go out of the norm by using down-syndrome models for its latest Raya collection, and it’s all for a good cause.

The models featured in this campaign are little Khoh Hui Qi and beautiful Siti Marina Frohlich, donning Maqilla’s basic raya collection. As part of their “giving back” project, the fashion label has joined hands with Persatuan Downsyndrom Malaysia to donate RM10 from every purchase of their Basic Raya Collections to the association throughout this beautiful month of Ramadhan.

Promoting the theme of “You are your own kind of beautiful”, Maqilla aims to create awareness about the down syndrome community in Malaysia and at the same time, empowering these special group of people by spreading the message that they are beautiful in their own ways.

Di bulan mulia, Ramadan al Mubarak, kami di Maqilla Boutique berbesar hati melalui kerjasama dengan Persatuan Sindrom Down Malaysia untuk berbakti kepada golongan istimewa ini. Setiap pembelian produk Basic Raya Collection, RM10 akan disalurkan kepada persatuan ini. Jom sama-sama kita membeli sambil menghulurkan bantuan kepada golongan down syndrom ini kerana "You are your own kind of Beautiful" ㅤㅤ Tiada apa yang lebih baik selain dengan kita memberi dan merubah kehidupan di sekeliling kita, Insha Allah ㅤㅤ Disini ialah si cilik adik Khoh Hui Qi dan Siti Marina Frohlich memperagakan koleksi Basic Raya Maqilla. ㅤㅤ #MaqillaBoutique #MaqillaRaya #RayaCollection #BajuRaya #Raya2017 #DownSyndrome #PersatuanSindromDownMalaysia #MyVoiceMyCommunity

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Interested buyers can purchase these lovely minimal Raya outfits from Maqilla Boutique by contacting them at +603 40311785 or +6011 60730703. Follow their Instagram account for more updates.

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