Finally, Instagram is introducing some transparency that should have been long ago!

In April this year, the American Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent warning letters to influencers and celebrities who failed to clearly disclose their paid ads on Instagram, and now, Instagram has taken it one step further by adding a Paid Partnership With tag.

Photo: Instagram

This makes ads way easier to spot, and the followers of influencers and celebrities alike would have no more trouble distinguishing between regular posts and those that have been paid for. A new Instagram blog post further details how the tag works.

Photo: Instagram

If an influencer is posting content that is paid for, they can select Advanced Settings at the bottom of the caption screen. Then, select the Branded Content section that says “Tag Business Partner”. That’s how the partner’s name will show up where the location tag is usually found. This also works for Instagram Stories.

These tools will be rolling out to everyone in the next few weeks, so there you go. Never be deceived again!

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