PUMA’s Team Faster Elite Trainers From Southeast Asia Has Been Unveiled

An inspirational, empowering collective dedicated to pushing sport forward

PUMA’s pioneer batch of Team Faster from Southeast Asia is here! The global initiative is a running and training program led by hand-picked professional coaches, trainers and instructors around the globe, in which PUMA will provide these influential leaders the tools and support to do what they do best.

Professional trainers and instructors, known as Team Faster Elite Trainers, will lead these local activations and events that will demonstrate the best of PUMA via unique and personal experiences. The team include Ain Ramli, Michelle Tan, Crystal Ng, Jamiliyana Jaafar, Sandra Woo, Lye Kwan and Sunny Cheong.

To qualify for Team Faster, these Elite Trainers are either professional coaches, trainers, fitness instructors or running elites who are highly active, have a good following and possess the power to motivate and inspire communities to reach their full potential, who will be working towards a common goal – to bring people together to train harder and faster.

Fitness enthusiasts can look forward to engage with Team Faster Elite Trainers at classes and workshops led by Team Faster. These classes are open to the public and will be held at gyms, studios and PUMA stores across the region.

For the record, the Team Faster Elite Trainers from Southeast Asia were gathered for a boot camp cum retreat in Koh Yao, Thailand over the weekend where they had the opportunity to train with Jamie Granger, Los Angeles-based trainer and coach to PUMA’s Brand Ambassador and Creative Director, Rihanna.

So it’s safe to say that they’ve learned from the best! For more information on these Elite Trainers, you may visit PUMA Team Faster or Facebook.


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